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Trading Armex is a genius system that uses a UNIQUE combination of Fibonacci and trend to generate amazing results. How would you feel having a real forex warrior at your disposal?

Third party verified results of several months of testing Trading Armex

79%+ win rate

minimal deposit:

beginner friendly

Confirmed trading results

EURUSD, H1 Timeframe
2021 results of trading
super low drawdown of 2.27%

Making the Difference
Let's be honest: the whole idea behind forex trading is to make money. There is just no other way. You have probably already tried numerous strategies and indicators in your countless attempts to become a successful trader - all in vain.

We all know that: trading without relying on software is a lot like navigating in a new city without a map or a GPS. Sure, you can try driving around, asking people on the street, but in the end it will take so much more time and you will probably get lost a few times. But in Forex getting lost means losing money.

So what if I tell you that you don't need to jump from one indicator to another anymore? Your hopes and prayers that one day you will make money – not just some bits and pieces here and there, but consistent significant profit – have been answered. Today you will have a chance to get access to a tool that will allow you to earn money from the comfort of your own home or office. The only thing you need? Access to your PC and the amazing secret I'm about to share with you.

Trading Armex benefits

Fibonacci Retracement Levels

The very core of our Trading Armex is Fibonacci sequence, the most perfect equation there is!

5-in-1 Algorithm

The unique combination of 5 most powerful indicators gives Trading Armex the level of confirmation that you've never seen before.

Market Synchro Analyzer

The decision-making part of the trading algorithm gets its power from analysis of the current market conditions.

2 Modes: Regular & Extensive

Your software means your choice: you can play it safe and stick to Regular, or take a bit of risk for the chance of a bigger win.

Highly Accurate Entry Points

All the algorithms and strategies that went into the design of Trading Armex result into amazing accuracy of its signals!
Trading Armex - your secret weapon
We introduce Trading Armex, stupendously designed software to improve your trading experience. Nah, "improve" doesn't even begin to cover it. Trading Armex is the thing that will take your trading game and bring it to the next level – perhaps, even several levels at once.

As the name implies, Trading Armex is a weapon every trader needs in their trading armory. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice trader, Trading Armex will fight your fights for you day after day after day. Forex markets are a lot like battlefields, with their losses and their wins, and you shouldn't be playing the role of a foot soldier making their way through blood, sweat and tears. No, you should be a general, a commander, a leader – someone who ends up reaping the benefits after the huge victory.

Giving You The Most Reliable Tool There Is

Trading Armex indicator is exemplary Forex software designed with traders in mind. It uses historical data but makes decisions through synchronic analysis of current market conditions and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to produce an algorithm that only picks high-quality trading setups.

As if it wasn't enough, when creating Trading Armex we decided that we do not want to take any chances. Sure, the main algorithm is strong enough to bring you considerable steady profit, but there is always at least some room for improvement – even with best of the best. That is why we took 5 indicators that where proving themselves the most useful for the past several years among our best developers and professional traders, and implemented them into our Trading Armex. Thanks to that you get the amazingly accurate signals with the level of confirmation that was unheard of before.

Now, how does the indicator work, you ask? First, it uses all its power to generate levels. Then, when the price hits BUY or SELL entry level, you get an entry point for you to place your order. After that you hit one of two possible TakeProfit levels. Can it be any easier? I don't think so!
Trading Armex:- Real results
Trading Armex gives you the best entry points in order to ensure your profit: look at these trades on New Zealand dollar / U.S. dollar, M15 timeframe!
Three amazingly accurate wins on Euro / Japanese yen, M30 timeframe: true power of Trading Armex in its full swing!
Trading Armex has another secret weapon: dynamic TakeStop levels for your maximum profit - just like in these trades on Canadian dollar / Japanese yen, H1 timeframe!
Results like these will become an everyday thing for you: 527 pips in just two trades on British pound / Swiss franc, H4 timeframe!

TRADING ARMEX Notification System
Pop-up Alerts with Sound on MT4 Platform
You don't have to stay up late or wake up early to sit at your computer and watch the market like a hawk - our built-in alert system will make it impossible for you to miss a trade! Once you hear the alert, just open the trade!
Instant Email Notifications
But, I thought you said I didn't have to be at my computer all day? We did, you don't. Instant email notifications you will let you know as soon as an alert is generated!
Push Notifications to Your Mobile Phone
You'll get a push notification when a signal is generated – then just open the MT4 app on your phone and enter the trade with the data that's been given to you! It's as simple as that.
Start New Life Today with Trading Armex

Sure, Trading Armex costs a pretty penny. That is because so much effort, time, knowledge and experience was put into its design. A brand-new Mercedes with 500 horse power can't cost as much as an old Ford – no offense to those who drive it. But most will much rather prefer a Mercedes, right?

And if you decide to get it right now - you will save money, because the 33% discount we have at the moment will end very soon, and Trading Armex will be available for full price only.

You can rest assured there is no low season. And have we mentioned that it comes with 30-days money-back guarantee? We haven't? Well, now you know – and now you also know that there is absolutely no risk involved for you!
Just send us an email at and we will issue a refund straight away!
What timeframes?

What platform?
What pairs?
Can I use it on multiple trading accounts?
I have more questions!
How will I get the product after the purchase?
M15, M30, H1 and H4 timeframes.
All currency pairs!
MetaTrader 4
Your Trading Armex can be used on 1 real and 1 demo account at the same time.

Instant download.
Please contact us at and we will do our best to help you!

Trading Armex Package

Unique Trading Algorithm
1 Real & 1 Demo Account
No Repaint!
Instant Download
24/7 Support
Any MetaTrader 4 Broker
Any Currency Pair
M15, M30, H1 and H4 TF
Email & Push Notifications
License Protection
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